Report of Man Shot

Report of Man Shot

Beach 91st St & Holland Ave – Rockaway Beach, Queens

November 9th, 2018

  • 5:00:24 am
    Officers have received a second unconfirmed report of a man shot.
  • 4:52:54 am
    An ambulance has been called to the scene for someone injured at the scene, however.
  • 4:52:38 am
    Officers confirm there is no gunshot victim.
  • 4:52:21 am
    An ambulance has been called to the scene.
  • 4:52:13 am
    Officers are canvassing the area for the suspect.
  • 4:52:05 am
    Officers have requested that a perimeter be set up.
  • 4:47:25 am
    Officers are on scene.
  • 4:44:34 am
    The report is unconfirmed.
  • 4:44:31 am
    Officers are investigating.
  • 4:44:21 am
    Police are investigating a report of a man shot in the head.
  • 4:44:09 am
    Incident reported at Beach 91st St & Holland Ave.

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