Fire in Transit

Fire in Transit

14th St/8th Ave (A) (C) (E) (L) – West Village, Manhattan

November 9th, 2018

  • 5:23:13 am
    Video from Citizen users 2tall and jajajaja show the scene is under control.
  • 5:21:52 am
    2tall has stopped broadcasting.
  • 5:21:21 am
    2tall is live.
  • 5:20:14 am
    The firefighters indicate the situation is now under control.
  • 5:20:01 am
    Firefighters are on the scene and state a homeless man was attempting to set multiple fires.
  • 5:19:31 am
    jajajaja has stopped broadcasting.
  • 5:18:50 am
    jajajaja is live.
  • 5:16:45 am
    Firefighters are responding to a report of a fire in the 14th St/8th Ave Station.
  • 5:16:15 am
    Incident reported at 14th St/8th Ave (A) (C) (E) (L).

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