Hit-And-Run Collision, Knife Displayed @Citizen | Instant 911 Crime And Safety Alerts
Hit-And-Run Collision, Knife Displayed
Westborough, CA
Westborough Blvd & Galway Dr
  • 11/8/18 9:45:20 PM PST
    Officers report there was a third person involved in the collision not associated with the two who fled the scene.
  • 11/8/18 9:35:04 PM PST
    Additional information from officers state the motorcyclist brandished a knife and also fled westbound on his Harley-Davidson.
  • 11/8/18 9:33:39 PM PST
    Officers on scene state a dark silver Jeep Grand Cherokee fled the westbound on Westborough Blvd.
  • 11/8/18 9:25:49 PM PST
    EMS report the collision was between a motorcycle and a car.
  • 11/8/18 9:23:24 PM PST
    Police and EMS are responding to a report of a car collision with injuries.
  • 11/8/18 9:22:54 PM PST
    Incident reported at Westborough Blvd & Galway Dr.
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