Four-Car Collision on Bay Bridge @Citizen | Instant 911 Crime And Safety Alerts
Four-Car Collision on Bay Bridge
Oakland, CA
Bay Bridge
  • Feb 11 12:22:43 AM PST
    California Highway Patrol reports lanes 1, 2, and 3 are closed.
  • Feb 10 10:57:28 PM PST
    One of the vehicle's wheels is reportedly rolling down the highway.
  • Feb 10 10:56:50 PM PST
    The cars had reportedly been driving at approximately 90-100 miles per hour.
  • Feb 10 10:55:13 PM PST
    Emergency personnel are responding to a report of a collision involving four cars traveling at high speeds.
  • Feb 10 10:55:12 PM PST
    Incident reported at Bay Bridge.
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