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Man Shot in Shoulder
Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
1849 Atlantic Avenue
  • Feb 19 11:44:06 PM EST
    Police have terminated the Level 1 Mobilization.
  • Feb 19 11:28:09 PM EST
    No further information has been made available.
  • Feb 19 10:39:19 PM EST
    Police are searching a building nearby.
  • Feb 19 10:39:02 PM EST
    A Level 1 Mobilization has been called to assign additional officers to search for the suspect.
  • Feb 19 10:38:36 PM EST
    The suspect fled into a building nearby on Atlantic Ave.
  • Feb 19 10:38:05 PM EST
    The victim was grazed on the shoulder and his wound has been considered minor.
  • Feb 19 10:37:27 PM EST
    A man has been confirmed shot.
  • Feb 19 10:37:18 PM EST
    Police are on scene and canvassing the area for a suspect.
  • Feb 19 10:36:53 PM EST
    A further report states that a dispute in a store escalated.
  • Feb 19 10:36:28 PM EST
    A black Honda was seen fleeing the scene.
  • Feb 19 10:35:46 PM EST
    A 911 caller reports that a person has been shot nearby on Buffalo Ave.
  • Feb 19 10:35:02 PM EST
    Police are responding to a report of shots fired.
  • Feb 19 10:35:01 PM EST
    Incident reported at 1849 Atlantic Avenue.
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