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Local COVID-19 tracking and safe contact tracing. Do your part. Learn more.

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Safely spend time with loved ones again.

With SafePass, now in your Citizen app, you can track your symptoms, find testing sites, and enable contact tracing to get alerted when you’re exposed to COVID-19. And connect with people you know for peace of mind when you spend time together.


How SafePass helps us stay safe every day.

Contact trace with friends so you know when it’s safe to spend time together.

Have peace of mind around coworkers if you’re back at your workplace.

Find out early if you’re at a higher risk of having COVID, even if you don’t have symptoms.

Know when to be extra cautious if you live, work, or spend time with immunocompromised or other high-risk people.

How It Works

Activate your SafePass.

Your SafePass is your daily destination for COVID-related alerts and activity, including your exposure to people who tested positive, meaningful contact that increases your risk, test results, test locations, and symptom tracking. Enable contact tracing and know exactly when and where you got exposed to COVID-19.

Get alerted when you need to get tested.

If you’ve had significant contact with somebody who later tests positive for COVID-19, you’ll get a notification to get tested, with options for nearby testing sites. If you test positive, anyone you’ve been in contact with recently will be notified.

Connect with friends and share SafePasses.

Share your SafePass with others so you know when it’s safe to spend time together, for extra peace of mind if you’re back at your workplace, and so you know when you need to be extra cautious to protect high-risk loved ones.

SafePass is secure.

Nobody will own or profit from your data. 

Citizen has never sold and will never sell your data, and that goes for SafePass too. Your data is yours.

Data is private and encrypted. 

All contact tracing data is private, encrypted, and is deleted after 30 days. And, if you decide to disable SafePass at any time, data will be deleted within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is considered meaningful contact?

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What is SafePass?

Is my contact tracing data safe?

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Will my name or information be shared with anyone?

Can I turn this off? / Can I opt out and turn off Citizen SafeTrace Contact Tracing at any point?

How does testing work in SafePass?

What happens if I test positive?

What do I do if I receive a potential exposure notification?

How do you verify COVID-19 test results?

Why do we require a valid government ID when you submit your test results?

For technical questions, please email us for more information.

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19.