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Home Invasion Robbery
South of Market, San Francisco
260 King St
  • 6/23/18 2:35:21 PM PDT
    The suspects reportedly left the apartment around 2pm.
  • 6/23/18 2:34:51 PM PDT
    Wallet, keys, money, jewelry, and electronic were stolen.
  • 6/23/18 2:34:21 PM PDT
    The robbery began at around 1pm today and the victims were just freed.
  • 6/23/18 2:34:12 PM PDT
    One of the suspects stated he was armed with a handgun; however, no firearm was seen.
  • 6/23/18 2:33:49 PM PDT
    The suspects then reportedly robbed the victims of their possessions.
  • 6/23/18 2:33:30 PM PDT
    According to the 911 caller, several suspects entered the victim's apartment and tied up the couple.
  • 6/23/18 2:33:06 PM PDT
    SFPD officers are responding to a reported home invasion robbery.
  • 6/23/18 2:32:52 PM PDT
    Incident reported at 260 King St.
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