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Protect the World

We are on a mission to protect the world. The beginning of the Internet was about infrastructure and getting the building blocks in place so that applications could be globally connected, paving the way for social networks and the digital connecting of all people. When developing products and technologies today, it's imperative to consider the next 10 years. We believe they will reshape the physical world around us. With 3 billion smart-phones we've barely scratched the surface of what's possible.

The dominant global social network which is on two billion smart-phones wasn't developed as a mobile-first app. It was ported to mobile. Mobile has enormous untapped potential to solve problems that haven't previously been possible. Just a few years ago all product development was for people sitting at computer desks or on laptops. People are now connected 24/7 with GPS, high-performance processors, live video, and more. Which apps have taken advantage of all of this?

Entrepreneurs are now shifting focus toward solving some of humanities greatest problems, and technology has the best shot.

Citizen's vision is to reduce crime globally, making the world as safe and accountable as it can be. We hope to make not only cities across America significantly safer than they are today, we hope to increase the quality of life in countries around the world by providing safety and protection to all. We believe everybody deserves to be safe.

Some of us at Citizen have already been part of world-changing consumer tech companies. Some of us have not but are highly motivated by our mission and passionate about using technology in responsible ways, while also maintaining a disruptive edge. We are hoping to prove that mission-driven and good for the world don't have to be mutually exclusive with disruptive. We're experiencing explosive growth as we chart the course of this new category we've created, and it's still a beta.

If you're looking to put your expertise and experience to good use, you may have found your home.

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