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The Internet

The early days of the internet were all about infrastructure: engineers and entrepreneurs were getting in place foundational building blocks like routers and switches. These components would empower the internet and enable the next generation of globally-connected applications. Eventually, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would go on to connect the entire world together.


But most of the internet products that we use today were created during an era when design was focused on people sitting in front of computers. Consider that the most dominant global social network today (which is on 2 billion smartphones) wasn’t developed as a mobile-first app, but was ported from the web. Now, we are all connected 24/7, using GPS-enabled devices with high-performance processors and the capacity for live HD video. Which apps have truly taken advantage of all of this power we have at our fingertips?

Very few products are truly mobile-first. Uber is a good example of a product that was built specifically to take advantage of mobile technologies – it requires GPS and wouldn’t work without it. But the core use case for most other apps that have become ubiquitous today – apps like AirBNB, WhatsApp, or Venmo – can easily be imagined in a pre-mobile world.

What's next?

We’re now in a place where we can mobilize humanity in ways not previously possible using technology. What are humanity’s greatest problems, and how can we solve them? And how can we leverage the power of 3 billion smartphones?

Our vision

Citizen's vision is to reduce crime globally, making the world as safe and accountable as it can be. We believe everyone deserves to be safe. We hope to make cities significantly safer than they are today, increasing the quality of life for everyone, not only in America, but around the world. To that end we're building a global safety network of people protecting each other.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a small, diverse group. Some of us have already been part of world-changing consumer technology companies. Some of us have not, but are highly motivated by our mission. All of us are passionate about using technology in responsible ways, taking meaningful risks to solve real problems facing the world. We hope to prove that a company can be both “mission-driven” and “disruptive” at the same time.

We're experiencing explosive growth as we chart the course of this new category we've created, while still in beta.

If you're looking to put your expertise and experience to good use, you may have found your home.

Current Opportunities


Communications Analyst, Crime Operations Center


Head of Community Engagement


Product Designer


Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer

Senior iOS Engineer