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Fire in Art Gallery
Chelsea, Manhattan
521 W 21st St
  • 7/10/18 11:50:46 AM EDT
    Firefighters appear to be on the roof working to extinguish the fire.
  • 7/10/18 11:45:20 AM EDT
    Firefighters confirm the fire is in an art gallery.
  • 7/10/18 11:45:03 AM EDT
    The FDNY has issued an all hands alert; additional firefighters have been requested to help extinguish the fire.
  • 7/10/18 11:44:09 AM EDT
    The address reported for this incident has changed to 521 W 21st St.
  • 7/10/18 11:42:04 AM EDT
    Firefighters are working to determine the location of the fire.
  • 7/10/18 11:38:16 AM EDT
    Firefighters have also received reports of smoke in the area.
  • 7/10/18 11:38:03 AM EDT
    Firefighters are responding to a report of a fire in an art gallery.
  • 7/10/18 11:37:53 AM EDT
    Incident reported at 526 W 22nd St.
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