Police Searching for Suspects

Police Searching for Suspects

2012 Bush St – Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco

August 10th, 2018

  • 11:20:16 pm
    Police appear to have located the abandoned vehicle.
  • 11:15:25 pm
    It appears that police are searching for two suspects.
  • 11:15:03 pm
    The address reported for this incident has changed to 2012 Bush St.
  • 11:14:43 pm
    The suspects were reportedly traveling in a sky blue Buick.
  • 11:12:58 pm
    The suspect reportedly shattered a car window, then fled.
  • 11:12:41 pm
    The suspect is apparently wanted for a recent vehicle break-in.
  • 11:12:29 pm
    Police are chasing a suspect near this location.
  • 11:12:19 pm
    Incident reported at 1498 Laguna St.

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