Steel Beam Fell on Worker
West Portal, San Francisco
1 W Portal Ave
  • 8/10/18 5:40:25 PM PDT
    Police are establishing a crime scene investigation at the construction site.
  • 8/10/18 5:31:29 PM PDT
    Police are escorting EMS to the hospital.
  • 8/10/18 5:31:20 PM PDT
    Police report the worker is suffering from life-threatening injuries.
  • 8/10/18 4:50:40 PM PDT
    The construction worker may be seriously injured.
  • 8/10/18 4:50:28 PM PDT
    Firefighters and paramedics are en route.
  • 8/10/18 4:50:14 PM PDT
    A steel beam reportedly fell on a construction worker and knocked them unconscious.
  • 8/10/18 4:49:59 PM PDT
    Incident reported at 1 W Portal Ave.
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