Man Drove Van Into Woman @Citizen | Instant 911 Crime And Safety Alerts
Man Drove Van Into Woman
Duveneck - St. Francis, Palo Alto
1161 Embarcadero Rd
  • 9/14/18 7:48:21 AM PDT
    The suspect was last seen driving south on I-101.
  • 9/14/18 7:47:16 AM PDT
    The suspect was in an argument with the employee, when she dropped the gas nuzzle, the suspect drove into her.
  • 9/14/18 7:46:48 AM PDT
    The suspect vehicle is a gray and blue work van.
  • 9/14/18 7:46:34 AM PDT
    Police are looking for a suspect who drove his van into a Shell gas station employee.
  • 9/14/18 7:46:02 AM PDT
    Incident reported at 1161 Embarcadero Rd.
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