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Group Fight
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
Bergen St (F)(G)
  • 9/14/18 11:52:01 AM EDT
    Police are on scene and indicate nothing is going on at the scene.
  • 9/14/18 11:48:58 AM EDT
    Transit police are responding.
  • 9/14/18 11:48:43 AM EDT
    The address reported for this incident has changed to Bergen St (F)(G).
  • 9/14/18 11:47:11 AM EDT
    The group may be armed with weapons.
  • 9/14/18 11:47:04 AM EDT
    Police are responding to a report of a group fighting in a train car.
  • 9/14/18 11:46:54 AM EDT
    Incident reported at Bergen Street (2)(3)(4).
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