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Major Fire in King's Plaza Parking Garage
Mill Basin, Brooklyn
5102 Avenue U
  • 9/17/18 10:15:01 PM EDT
    The NYPD reports they have a person of interest in custody for questioning.
  • 9/17/18 9:35:44 PM EDT
    The Level 1 Mobilization has been terminated.
  • 9/17/18 5:12:09 PM EDT
    Following an investigation, the NYPD has labeled the fire suspicious and is searching for a person of interest.
  • 9/17/18 2:59:26 PM EDT
    Citizen has published a story.
  • 9/17/18 2:08:37 PM EDT
    The Level 1 Mobilization has been reactivated, asking officers to return to the scene.
  • 9/17/18 1:53:08 PM EDT
    Police are terminating the Level 1 Mobilization.
  • 9/17/18 11:47:28 AM EDT
    The fire has been declared under control, but firefighters are continuing to investigate the parking lot.
  • 9/17/18 11:12:32 AM EDT
    Fire officials report that crews are checking the structural stability of the parking garage and initial estimates of over 120 cars being involved in the fire.
  • 9/17/18 10:58:54 AM EDT
    FDNY Command is requesting a seventh alarm to be transmitted for additional units and assistance to the scene.
  • 9/17/18 10:57:24 AM EDT
    FDNY Officials report that the main body of fire has been extinguished but operations are still continuing and multiple resources are still responding for assistance as well.
  • 9/17/18 10:54:27 AM EDT
    Fire command is requesting four additional ladder companies to the scene.
  • 9/17/18 10:45:59 AM EDT
    NYPD Officers are requesting a Level 1 Mobilization to bring in multiple additional resources to assist with traffic control.
  • 9/17/18 10:33:17 AM EDT
    The FDNY Hazardous Materials EMS Battalion Chief is requesting additional specialty apparatus to the scene.
  • 9/17/18 10:32:28 AM EDT
    FDNY Medical Branch resources report that they have 16 injured firefighters ranging from mild to moderate severity and 2 injured civilians as well.
  • 9/17/18 10:29:16 AM EDT
    FDNY Medical Branch Director report they have a total patient count of 18 with mild injuries and smoke inhalation at this time.
  • 9/17/18 10:22:15 AM EDT
    FDNY Foam Apparatus are beginning to arrive on scene from throughout the city, Crews will use specialty firefighting foam to clear up and extinguish any remaining fire.
  • 9/17/18 10:05:41 AM EDT
    FDNY Fire command has ordered all firefighters out of the building and crews are working from elevated platforms or large diameter hoses to shoot water inside of the structure.
  • 9/17/18 9:56:51 AM EDT
    FDNY Fire Command reports that two firefighters declared "maydays" (emergency calls for help) while fighting the fire; both firefighters were rescued almost immediately and have sustained no injuries.
  • 9/17/18 9:52:51 AM EDT
    FDNY Command has now transmitted a sixth alarm. This is now a major fire incident.
  • 9/17/18 9:52:14 AM EDT
    The FDNY Aerial Reconnaissance Chief has arrived onto the scene in an NYPD helicopter and is providing additional support overhead. FDNY Command is requesting an additional five engine companies to the scene.
  • 9/17/18 9:49:29 AM EDT
    FDNY Marine Units are arriving on scene with their "big boats" and are attempting to access the rear of the building.
  • 9/17/18 9:43:24 AM EDT
    Representatives from the NYC Office of Emergency Management and NYC Department of Health are arriving on scene to assist with the incident.
  • 9/17/18 9:43:01 AM EDT
    FDNY Command is requesting an additional FAST (Firefighter Assistance and Survival Truck), Rescue Company, Squad Company, and additional marine units to respond to the major alarm fire.
  • 9/17/18 9:39:30 AM EDT
    A fifth alarm has been transmitted. FDNY Fire Commanders, the FDNY Chief of Department, and the FDNY Deputy Commissioner are responding to the scene.
  • 9/17/18 9:33:08 AM EDT
    NYPD Aviation and Harbor have been requested to respond and assist as well.
  • 9/17/18 9:32:27 AM EDT
    The FDNY Field Communications Unit, Command Tactical Unit, and other specialized FDNY resources are arriving on scene. A battalion chief will be assisting from inside of an NYPD helicopter, as well as an Aerial Reconnaissance Chief.
  • 9/17/18 9:27:08 AM EDT
    Users show FDNY and NYPD marine units arriving on the scene now.
  • 9/17/18 9:23:25 AM EDT
    FDNY Fire Command is now requesting a fourth alarm, bringing in even more additional units to assist.
  • 9/17/18 9:21:09 AM EDT
    Police on scene advise no one is injured at this time.
  • 9/17/18 9:21:04 AM EDT
    Multiple fire apparatus from throughout the remaining four boroughs of NYC are being moved into Brooklyn to assist with fire coverage and providing services for other calls that may come in.
  • 9/17/18 9:17:45 AM EDT
    FDNY Marine Company No. 6 Is being requested to assist with extinguishment and water supply.
  • 9/17/18 9:04:01 AM EDT
    FDNY Fire Command is now declaring a third alarm; additional specialty units and apparatus are responding to the blaze.
  • 9/17/18 9:02:57 AM EDT
    The New York City Office of Emergency Management reports that residents should expect heavy traffic and multiple emergency vehicles throughout the area. Close your windows to avoid the acrid black smoke.
  • 9/17/18 8:55:32 AM EDT
    FDNY Fire Command has requested a second alarm; additional units are responding to assist. Crews report they are having trouble accessing the fire and no water has been used to extinguish the blaze yet.
  • 9/17/18 8:54:00 AM EDT
    FDNY Command is requesting representatives from Con Edison to the scene as well as a Marine Unit Battalion Chief.
  • 9/17/18 8:50:35 AM EDT
    FDNY Car 3, Chief of Department James E. Leonard, and FDNY Marine units are being dispatched to the fire to assist.
  • 9/17/18 8:47:08 AM EDT
    FDNY Fire Command reports that firefighters are using two hose lines to combat the blaze at this time.
  • 9/17/18 8:45:53 AM EDT
    Firefighters report that the fire is extending to additional vehicles. Units will need to access the parking garage on foot as fire apparatus will not fit inside.
  • 9/17/18 8:44:23 AM EDT
    The address reported for this incident has changed to 5102 Avenue U.
  • 9/17/18 8:43:23 AM EDT
    Multiple users show thick black smoke throughout the area. Firefighters are requesting units to expedite their response.
  • 9/17/18 8:42:21 AM EDT
    FDNY firefighters are on scene and are confirming numerous cars on fire in Kings Plaza Parking area. Additional units are being requested to assist.
  • 9/17/18 8:41:56 AM EDT
    Incident reported at Kings Plaza Parking Deck.
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