Hydrant Struck by Stolen Vehicle @Citizen | Instant 911 Crime And Safety Alerts
Hydrant Struck by Stolen Vehicle
Tenderloin, San Francisco
Turk St & Jones St
  • 9/22/18 3:39:10 PM PDT
    The Department of Water is being requested to contact police at the scene.
  • 9/22/18 3:32:17 PM PDT
    Firefighters have shut off the water in the area.
  • 9/22/18 3:27:49 PM PDT
    Firefighters are at the scene working to contain the water condition.
  • 9/22/18 3:27:20 PM PDT
    The fire hydrant is currently causing a flooding condition in the street.
  • 9/22/18 3:27:05 PM PDT
    Officers confirm that one of the cars hit a fire hydrant during the crash.
  • 9/22/18 3:22:48 PM PDT
    Citizen user Milfdiver420 shows a burst fire hydrant at the scene, possibly due to the crash.
  • 9/22/18 3:20:47 PM PDT
    The suspect was last seen heading westbound on Turk St towards Jones St.
  • 9/22/18 3:20:34 PM PDT
    The suspect is described as a White man, 5'9", wearing a red hoodie, gray shirt, blue jeans.
  • 9/22/18 3:17:24 PM PDT
    The suspect was reportedly driving a gray Toyota Highlander, CA plates #7JXF175.
  • 9/22/18 3:16:07 PM PDT
    According to the complainant, after the crash the other driver bragged about the car being "hot," before fleeing the scene.
  • 9/22/18 3:15:47 PM PDT
    Police are investigating a report of a hit-and-run involving a stolen car.
  • 9/22/18 3:15:30 PM PDT
    Incident reported at Turk St & Jones St.
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