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Man Shot
Soundview, Bronx
Underhill Ave & Watson Ave
  • 11/9/18 1:41:46 AM EST
    Police have terminated the Level 1 Mobilization.
  • 11/9/18 1:07:56 AM EST
    The NYPD's Emergency Service Unit (ESU) has been requested to gather evidence related to the shooting.
  • 11/9/18 12:34:36 AM EST
    Police indicate the victim has been transported to a nearby hospital and is in critical condition.
  • 11/9/18 12:30:09 AM EST
    Police have issued a Level 1 Mobilization to request additional officers in their search for the suspects.
  • 11/9/18 12:29:54 AM EST
    Police have confirmed a man was shot.
  • 11/9/18 12:21:54 AM EST
    Police received a report stating three men might have fled toward Watson Ave.
  • 11/9/18 12:21:37 AM EST
    Police are responding to an unconfirmed report of shots fired.
  • 11/9/18 12:21:00 AM EST
    Incident reported at Underhill Ave & Watson Ave.
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