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Man Shot
East New York, Brooklyn
Autumn Ave & Pitkin Ave
  • Feb 11 9:32:22 AM EST
    Police are activating a Level 1 Mobilization to assign more officers to this investigation.
  • Feb 11 9:31:36 AM EST
    NYPD personnel confirm that a man was shot at this location.
  • Feb 11 9:03:39 AM EST
    Police are calling for a citywide hospital canvass in connection to confirmed gunshots fired at this location.
  • Feb 11 8:58:56 AM EST
    Police are searching for a suspect who was last seen heading southbound on Autumn Avenue; no description is currently available.
  • Feb 11 8:52:11 AM EST
    A second ShotSpotter activation indicates gunshots fired at the nearby intersection of Pitkin Avenue and Hemlock Street.
  • Feb 11 8:49:17 AM EST
    Incident reported at Lincoln Ave & Pitkin Ave.
  • 12/31/69 7:00:00 PM EST
    Police are responding to an activation of the NYPD's ShotSpotter gunshot detection system indicating six founds fired near this intersection; this is unconfirmed.
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