Century City Mall Evacuated After Report of Gunman @Citizen | Instant 911 Crime And Safety Alerts
Century City Mall Evacuated After Report of Gunman
Century City, Los Angeles
Constellation / Cent Pk Ws
  • Mar 15 5:08:54 PM PDT
    LAFD arson investigators have been requested.
  • Mar 15 5:06:44 PM PDT
    The LAPD Bomb Squad has cleared the scene.
  • Mar 15 4:07:07 PM PDT
    Police have completed all sweeps of the building; no ongoing threat to public safety has been confirmed, and some emergency personnel have been released from the scene.
  • Mar 15 3:19:17 PM PDT
    Firefighters are ventilating the areas affected by the smoke condition.
  • Mar 15 2:41:58 PM PDT
    Officers are also investigating a suspicious vehicle in the parking structure; it is not yet clear if this is related.
  • Mar 15 2:38:22 PM PDT
    Members from the Bomb Squad are on scene.
  • Mar 15 2:30:55 PM PDT
    The LAPD Bomb Squad has been requested to the scene to investigate the package emitting smoke at the Amazon store.
  • Mar 15 2:26:25 PM PDT
    Firefighters are on scene assisting officers investigate light-colored smoke emanating from the Amazon store.
  • Mar 15 2:08:21 PM PDT
    Additional officers have been requested to assist with traffic control in the area.
  • Mar 15 1:56:06 PM PDT
    Firefighters are also responding to investigate a smoke condition caused by the burning package by the Amazon store.
  • Mar 15 1:29:38 PM PDT
    Police are securing the area around the package that the suspect set on fire as they investigate further to determine if it poses any threat.
  • Mar 15 1:25:30 PM PDT
    The suspect is armed with a semi-automatic handgun.
  • Mar 15 1:22:44 PM PDT
    An updated report describes the suspect as a Black man, approximately 20 years old, wearing a black and white checkered bandanna, a black hooded sweatshirt with a red mark on the left sleeve, and a green sleeveless shirt over the sweatshirt.
  • Mar 15 1:07:32 PM PDT
    The suspect attempted to set a package on fire at an Amazon store.
  • Mar 15 1:00:01 PM PDT
    Witnesses at the scene reported hearing no gunshots fired.
  • Mar 15 12:52:45 PM PDT
    Police at the mall have not heard any gunfire.
  • Mar 15 12:52:36 PM PDT
    Customers are evacuating Bloomingdale's.
  • Mar 15 12:51:16 PM PDT
    Officers are securing a perimeter around this area; additional units are en route.
  • Mar 15 12:50:58 PM PDT
    Police are establishing a perimeter around the mall.
  • Mar 15 12:50:28 PM PDT
    The suspect – described as a 5'7" Black man with curly hair wearing a green bandana and light shirt – was last seen inside the Amazon bookstore.
  • Mar 15 12:50:20 PM PDT
    The Westfield Century City mall is located here.
  • Mar 15 12:47:55 PM PDT
    Police are responding to an unconfirmed report of an active shooter at a mall.
  • Mar 15 12:47:54 PM PDT
    Incident reported at Constellation / Cent Pk Ws.
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