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Man Fatally Shot
Washington Heights, Manhattan
St Nicholas Ave & W 186th St
  • Mar 27 4:36:46 PM EDT
    Police have confirmed the victim was pronounced dead. The search for the suspect is ongoing.
  • Mar 27 4:27:24 PM EDT
    The Level 1 Mobilization has been terminated.
  • Mar 27 2:46:39 PM EDT
    Citizen user FCJF99 shows the street blocked off.
  • Mar 27 2:23:25 PM EDT
    Multiple Citizen users show a helicopter searching for the suspect.
  • Mar 27 2:16:55 PM EDT
    A helicopter from the The NYPD Aviation Unit is on scene to assist in locating the suspect.
  • Mar 27 2:13:15 PM EDT
    The NYPD K-9 Unit is being requested to the scene to help locate the suspect.
  • Mar 27 2:03:36 PM EDT
    Police have recovered a firearm at the location.
  • Mar 27 2:01:09 PM EDT
    The armed suspect fled into a nearby building.
  • Mar 27 2:00:28 PM EDT
    Police are pursuing the suspect.
  • Mar 27 2:00:05 PM EDT
    The NYPD Emergency Service Unit (ESU) is being requested to the scene.
  • Mar 27 1:59:09 PM EDT
    A Level 1 Mobilization has been activated, assigning additional officers to the suspect search.
  • Mar 27 1:51:45 PM EDT
    The address reported for this incident has changed to St Nicholas Ave & W 186th St.
  • Mar 27 1:51:20 PM EDT
    Officers report the suspect was seen fleeing down St Nicholas Ave towards W 184th St and multiple units are assisting in canvassing the area.
  • Mar 27 1:50:21 PM EDT
    NYPD Supervisors are requesting EMS to expedite their response and the victim is in serious condition. Additional officers are being requested to assist as well.
  • Mar 27 1:48:49 PM EDT
    NYPD officers are confirming a man shot and are requesting EMS to expedite their response.
  • Mar 27 1:47:44 PM EDT
    Officers are beginning to arrive in the area and are investigating further, units are attempting to locate a victim or any evidence of a shooting.
  • Mar 27 1:47:10 PM EDT
    Multiple calls are being received, the suspect is described as a Hispanic man around 5'9" tall, wearing a blue shirt, black pants and black jacket with a baseball cap.
  • Mar 27 1:46:38 PM EDT
    Additional information reports that a man has been possibly shot in a grey sedan near the intersection. Officers are attempting to ascertain further.
  • Mar 27 1:46:04 PM EDT
    Multiple officers are responding to calls reporting hearing four gunshots in the area.
  • Mar 27 1:46:03 PM EDT
    Incident reported at St Nicholas Ave & W 187th St.
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