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Large Fire Under Boardwalk
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Brighton 6th St & Brightwater Ct
  • Apr 14 11:37:55 PM EDT
    The cause of fire remains under investigation.
  • Apr 14 11:36:53 PM EDT
    The fire has been placed under control.
  • Apr 14 11:36:36 PM EDT
    Officials confirm there were no injuries to firefighters or civilians, and the report of a deceased person was unfounded.
  • Apr 14 10:53:28 PM EDT
    Firefighters report no one has been trapped at the location.
  • Apr 14 10:38:43 PM EDT
    Firefighters are confident the fire can be controlled with current units at the scene.
  • Apr 14 10:25:55 PM EDT
    Officials are doubtful the fire can be controlled with the firefighters and apparatus currently on scene.
  • Apr 14 10:25:13 PM EDT
    Firefighters report the main of the body has been put out.
  • Apr 14 10:18:27 PM EDT
    Two hoses are being used to put out the fire.
  • Apr 14 10:15:47 PM EDT
    A second alarm has been transmitted, meaning additional units are en route to the scene.
  • Apr 14 10:06:49 PM EDT
    One report states one person may have been pronounced deceased and police are establishing a crime scene.
  • Apr 14 10:03:34 PM EDT
    Citizen user Alexslay21 shows firefighters at the scene.
  • Apr 14 9:58:13 PM EDT
    Firefighters confirm a fire underneath the boardwalk.
  • Apr 14 9:57:51 PM EDT
    Firefighters are responding to a report of a fire on the boardwalk.
  • Apr 14 9:57:50 PM EDT
    Incident reported at Brighton 6th St & Brightwater Ct.
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