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Firefighter and Con Ed Worker Injured in Manhole Explosions
Flatiron District, Manhattan
20 E 32nd St
  • Apr 24 5:06:40 PM EDT
    The FDNY advises that units will remain on scene until power is cut and buildings are deemed safe. The incident is considered under control.
  • Apr 24 1:09:35 PM EDT
    Firefighters have declared a third-alarm after indicating 148 Madison Ave may be affected.
  • Apr 24 1:08:45 PM EDT
    EMS have updated the injury count to five.
  • Apr 24 12:15:30 PM EDT
    EMS report there are four injuries, all patients have been transported to a nearby hospital.
  • Apr 24 11:58:27 AM EDT
    Firefighters have declared a second-alarm, assigning additional resources to the scene.
  • Apr 24 11:53:18 AM EDT
    Firefighters report 12 E 32nd St has been evacuated following heightened CO levels.
  • Apr 24 11:47:38 AM EDT
    Firefighters are conducting searches of nearby buildings for elevated CO levels; it is unclear if this is related to the manhole explosions.
  • Apr 24 11:30:11 AM EDT
    Firefighters now report there was a fire in the basement that has since been extinguished.
  • Apr 24 11:20:19 AM EDT
    Expect street closures and traffic delays in the area.
  • Apr 24 11:20:05 AM EDT
    Police are now reporting one firefighter may be injured.
  • Apr 24 11:16:31 AM EDT
    EMS now report that the Con Ed worker is suffering minor injuries.
  • Apr 24 11:15:03 AM EDT
    Police are requesting additional officers to the scene to aid in crowd control.
  • Apr 24 11:12:22 AM EDT
    EMS report one Con Ed worker is injured; the extent of his injuries is unknown.
  • Apr 24 11:10:46 AM EDT
    Police are activating a Level 1 Mobilization, assigning additional resources to the scene.
  • Apr 24 11:09:59 AM EDT
    Firefighters report there is a manhole fire following the explosion.
  • Apr 24 11:09:34 AM EDT
    Firefighters are reporting elevated CO levels in the area.
  • Apr 24 10:52:11 AM EDT
    Police and firefighters have not confirmed an explosion in either manhole.
  • Apr 24 10:46:49 AM EDT
    Multiple Citizen users show a heavy FDNY presence on the scene.
  • Apr 24 10:24:12 AM EDT
    Police and firefighters are investigating the situation.
  • Apr 24 10:23:59 AM EDT
    Police report two separate manholes on E 32nd St are smoking.
  • Apr 24 10:15:07 AM EDT
    Multiple user videos show heavy smoke emanating from the manholes as crews investigate.
  • Apr 24 10:06:46 AM EDT
    Police report another manhole may have exploded nearby.
  • Apr 24 10:06:29 AM EDT
    Police are en route to investigate.
  • Apr 24 10:06:02 AM EDT
    Police are responding to a report of a manhole explosion.
  • Apr 24 10:06:01 AM EDT
    Incident reported at 20 E 32nd St.
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